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For the physician with a fast paced lifestyle

Mo-billing has embedded several features which will allow you to cut back on the time it takes to collect and deliver your medical billing data.
Enjoy quick patient data entry by simply taking a picture of the patient’s health card using your mobile device. Save more time by enabling the service code auto-generation feature. You will also have the luxury of immediate data delivery to your billing agent at the click of a button.
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For the physician looking for organization

Track all of your medical billing information in one place. Medical billing claims are automatically organized according to their status so they can be easily reviewed by you. Avoid the hassle of keeping track of your data spread across several sheets of papers.
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For the physician seeking quick data transfer

Your billing information will be immediately available for your billing agent. You do not have to wait for your two-week service to finish before submitting your billing information.

Bank Grade Security

Our server and your data are located in a high security data center in North America. To maintain the highest standards of security and safety of your data we use 128 bit SSL bank grade encryption. You do not have to worry about exposure of confidential patient information as there are no papers that can be left behind. If you lose your mobile device, your information will be protected as the data is saved on the server rather than on your mobile device.

Getting Started

You can sign up for free with Mo-Billing on the web or you can download the mobile app for free and sign up on your mobile device. You can find the mobile app in the Google Play store or in iTunes under “Mo-Billing” by Figure of Eight Inc.

For billing agents, contact us to create your account and let physicians connect to you!

Follow the screen shots below to get an idea of what creating a claim looks like:

Claim Dashboard

Claim Dashboard

Quickly see all your current, pending and paid claims at a glance

New Claim

New Claim

Simple and streamlined claim creation

Daily Claims

Daily Claim Details

We auto populate 80% of the codes you need automatically.

Watch How It Works

Internal Medicine/Cardiology
Family Medicine

  • We created Mo-Billing from the ground up to make it as streamlined as possible for doctors to submit their claims. In doing so, we have created a beautiful product.


We offer Mo-Billing web and mobile apps for billing data collection, storage, delivery and retrieval. Individual physicians, physician groups and billing agents/clerks can all benefit from the convenience and security. There are no contracts involved, you can sign up and discontinue at any time.

Free Trial

How can I find out if it’s right for me?

Take advantage of a free trial to see if Mo-Billing fits your expectations and needs. Contact us for more information.